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Your bags are packed. You’re ready to go. But before you head out on that next business trip, look again: Did you forget something?

We’re going places in this edition of ‘What’s In Your Bag’! Traveling by plane, train or automobile? Read on for some of our favorite ways to keep your devices powered up away from home. Plus, a few of our favorite products that will make the trip a little easier.




 No outlet? No problem. With the Energi 10K Portable Power Pack, you can charge your phone, digital music player or tablet anywhere! It holds enough power to recharge most phones four times. The Energi 10K is designed with three outputs so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.






 The Satechi Smart Travel Router is your mobile device’s BFF whether you’re traveling in the U.S. or abroad. Designed so you can charge up in more than 150 countries, it also comes with a built-in USB power port and a built-in wireless router that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you may need. Its unique design lets you use of your devices will then share a single Ethernet connection.







We all travel with power cables for the phone, the laptop, the tablet or the kids’ portable games and it can get pretty messy. Pull yourself out of the cable snake pit with a Cable Stable Rollup Kit by Skooba Design. It’s made with strong, flexible hold-down straps to keep all of your cords and cables neatly organized and ready when you need them. Once everything is in place, roll it up and cinch it with the adjustable strap and take it along for the ride.


The key to simple charging solutions is here! The kii Compact Keychain Charge Cable is made to charge your iPhone or iPad from your Mac laptop (or any laptop that has a flat bottom and horizontal USB ports). Once you’re done, replace the cap and put it back on your keychain until the next time you need a bit more juice!

If you don’t want your phone or tablet on the dashboard, check out the Satechi Cup Holder Mount. It’s a sleek and secure way to keep your mobile devices within reach while you’re on the road. It even adjusts to cup holders that are too big, and is made to easily switch between phone and tablet.


Finally, if you’re feeling a bit dried out in that hotel room or office space, Satechi’s USB Portable Humidifier fits easily over a 16 oz. bottle of water to give you 8 hours of extra-fine mist to make any closed environment more comfortable.

 We know how chaotic the mobile lifestyle can be, but with our What's In Your Bag series we accessorize and organize the mess and stress of travel so that you can enjoy more of the fun stuff. Be sure to share your tech travel tips with us and show us what's in your bag @mobilelifeshop

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