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These days, maintaining a mobile lifestyle means having to carry around a plethora of accessories in order to stay connected and charged all day long. So it's a good thing chargers, adapters and cables are more travel-friendly and compact than ever before! For this edition of “What’s In Your Bag” we are focusing on our favorite day-to-day essentials that keep us tuned to the world inside our devices. 









Stick em in your pocket or purse to keep your cables tidy and readily available. The Cord Tacos are made from genuine leather and perfectly hold the corded accessories we use on a regular basis. The kathy ireland CONNECT Flat Cable, 30pin and kathy ireland CONNECT Fashion Earphones with Mic are our must have's while out and about - and they're both available in 5 vibrant colors so you can mix and match or color coordinate! 


Cord Taco Leather Cable Wrap Kit, 5 Pack


This hand-stitched leather book makes us wish the Internet had a scratch and sniff feature – it smells divine! Beyond its extremely aesthetically pleasing appeal, the Leatherback Writer 2 is sturdy, spacious and fits nicely in your hand or a coat pocket. While it was made to be used with a Moleskine notebook, its closure snaps allow whatever you can fit to stay put and be protected. Holding our phone, backup battery, stylus and Bluetooth remote, the Leatherback Writer 2 makes an excellent day-to-day essential item!  


Leatherback Writer 2  


Keeping our kathy ireland CONNECT Collection color coordination on point with the Poppy color, the Touchscreen Stylus fits nicely into the Leatherback Writer 2 and allows us to type, navigate, sketch and play! 

The beautiful kathy ireland CONNECT Eclipse Dual Layer Case in White Opal is our favorite, and the images just don't do these cases justice. They shine and shimmer AND are designed to help protect your phone from drops, dings, bumps and scuffs. 



The picture perfect accessory is the Click & Go! It's small size allows for flawless selfies or group shots and all you need is the "Click & Go" app to get "hands-free" photos from your smartphone. You can even start and stop video capture with it from up to 150 feet away. 

Unless you barely use your phone throughout the day, it's pretty likely that it's is going to die before you're home and able charge it. Which is why carrying a backup battery is a must! This GearPower battery pack offers up to 2,400 mAh of extra phone power, about double the battery capacity of a typical smartphone. 

Click & Go Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote, Bluetooth
IOGEAR GearPower Stay-Charged Mobile Power Station (available in 3 capacities) 


With all of the above we're set for the day and don't have to worry about missing out on any action! Be sure to share with us what's in your bag @mobilelifeshop and we'll catch you next time. 

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