Audiofly AF56 Earbuds
Audiofly AF56 Earbuds Audiofly AF56 Earbuds Audiofly AF56 Earbuds

Style and music have always slow-danced with each other. The AF56 Series celebrates style and amazing talent, boasting incredible bass presence perfectly balanced with top-end chime and style that will make you feel as authentic as the artist you're listening to. AF 56 Series product features: Custom voiced 13mm dynamic driver for superb detail across the dynamic range. With noise-isolating in-ear design for up to 23db noise attenuation. The Cordura braided cable's conductivity have been made as a twisted set, which enhances the cables resistance to electromagnetic interference, creating a quieter cable. You'll get four sets of silicon ear tips that mold to your ears for better isolation therefore better sound. The AF 56 Series comes with a durable storage tin with plush felt lining for roadworthy protection for your buds. Audiofly headphones are designed by musicians for the music purist. Never miss a beat.

$ 99.99